Trader Joe’s Enchilada Sauce Copycat

3-Jar Top

I SO miss Trader Joe’s Enchilada Sauce. I have tried a few other canned varieties but they taste like, well, can. I tried the powdered packets and found one brand that was almost passable, but I had to add tons of spices and I thought it still tasted too much like tomato sauce.  Alas, I found great inspiration from Add a Pinch, and thus made very few changes but I now have a version that suits my palette.  This is not too tomatoey and just the right kick.  I use passata, which is uncooked strained tomatoes, but if you cannot find it, look for uncooked puree or worst case scenario pulse a can of plum tomatoes. Look at labels carefully as many tomato products are cooked with spices and/or oils.  Passata is uncooked fresh unadulterated tomato puree.

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